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Happy New Year from FAB Systems!

Christmas is over for another year; gifts have been given and received, the turkey leftovers are but a fond memory, and Santa can finally put his feet up. We hope that the festive season has been good to you, and while it’s unlikely that you found a new conservatory in your stocking, we hope that you got everything else that you wished for!

Of course, hard on the heels of Christmas comes New Year, so we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, healthy and enjoyable 2015 on behalf of everybody here at FAB Systems!

new-years-eve-580735_12802014 has been something of an up and down year weather-wise; at the beginning of the year the UK faced a barrage of winter storms which caused widespread issues across the country, while at the end of the year winter came late, with October and November both very mild. Overall, in fact, 2014 brought us higher than average mean temperatures throughout the year, and who knows what 2015 might bring?

What we can say, however, is that we’ll continue to help you keep your home protected from harsh weather and looking fabulous with our extensive range of soffits, fascias, windows and more.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to make your home more energy efficient, we can help you with fantastic A-rated new uPVC windows, complete with a wide range of additional features to meet your every need, as well as stunning front doors in both uPVC and elegant wood to make a great first impression and keep those nasty drafts out. Alternatively, if 2015 is the year you decide to extend your property, we can help you to design the perfect year-round conservatory, allowing you to enjoy your garden whatever the weather.

At FAB Systems we are specialists in double glazing in Stoke on Trent, fitting doors, windows, conservatories and more to exceptionally high standards. We can also help with flat roofing, garage doors, carports and much more! If you would like more information on how we can help you to improve and expand your home in 2015, simply get in touch with us on 0800 066 5644.

Designing a Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way to add space and elegance to your home, and they can often increase the value of your property, too. However, it is a big job – so you want to make sure that it’s done right. In order to make sure that you get the perfect conservatory, here are the top questions to ask.

1. What do you want to use your conservatory for?

The intended use of your conservatory should have a considerable impact on its design. If you want to use it for entertaining or dining, then you’ll want to have adequate space. If you intend to use it to grow and display plants, it may have different requirements, especially if you plan to show off plants with very specific climate needs. Before you do anything else, make a list of what you want to be able to do in your conservatory.

2. Size and Siting

Adding a conservatory will inevitably reduce the size of your garden, so making sure that it is an appropriate size and in the most suitable place is vital. If part of your garden is frequently under-used, using that area for a conservatory could transform it into useful space, but if you currently use your entire garden you may have a tricky decision to make. The aspect is also vital – a south facing conservatory will be very bright and sunny, but it may not always be the best choice.

3. Design

The style of your conservatory is also important. Whether you choose a design that is in keeping with the rest of your property or something that contrasts is entirely up to you – indeed, a contemporary conservatory attached to a period style property can be very effective – but it is essentially a personal choice.

4. Heating, Shade and Ventilation

What heating, ventilation and shading you need will vary depending on your other choices, but all should be carefully considered. If you wish to grow plants, then their needs must be considered alongside the needs of the family – tropical plants will naturally not do well in an unheated conservatory over winter! Ventilation or air conditioning will be important in keeping the conservatory comfortable on the warmest days of the year, and shades or blinds may be necessary depending on the aspect you’ve chosen.

Here at FAB Systems, we specialise in windows, doors and conservatories in Cheshire, so we can help you to create the perfect conservatory for your property. For more information, or for a quote, contact us today.

Going Green – What’s the Deal?

Christmas has come and gone, and with the New Year bearing down upon us it’s perhaps prudent to start planning for 2015. Each area of your life can quite naturally benefit from such forward-thinking, but what we’re going to talk about here revolves around the idea of energy efficiency. As a provider of double glazing in Crewe, we’re obviously called upon pretty often to improve the efficiency of various homes with regards to energy, and, even disregarding the huge emphasis on energy friendly practices that’s going around today, there are plenty of great reasons to start thinking ‘green’.

Going Green

The Green Deal

In the recent news though, there’s been one very important development on this front, and it’s sure to serve as an extra incentive for homeowners who haven’t yet gone big on energy saving measures. Reported in The Telegraph back in mid-December, the so-called ‘Green Deal’ offers a generous amount of cashback for property owners who take steps to not only increase the value of their premises, but also reduce energy bills. A direct attempt to tackle the off-putting costs that come with making a home more energy friendly, this Government Scheme is beginning to gather steam.

How’s it Changed?

In actual fact, the Green Deal was first unveiled back in the summer, but the initial funds were used up within a matter of hours as households leapt at the chance to gain cashback. However, this latest proposal injects literally millions of pounds back into the cash pot, so those homes that applied for a Green Deal assessment back in June, but were unable to take advantage of the scheme, can try once again. With a gradual method of cash release now being used, the hope is that the fund will be able to cope with the demands far more easily this time, thus extending the lifespan of the plan.

Energy Saving Measures

This is obviously great news for those who were holding off upgrading their homes on the energy friendly front, as there is now extra incentive to go forward with those intentions, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for families who were already committed to doing so. Energy saving already pays off in the long-term, but the possibility of the Green Deal now opens up short-term savings too.

Regardless of whether you qualify or not though, it’s highly recommended that you enhance your energy saving plans wherever possible, and rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with the results. Even simple things like better glazing can make a colossal difference, and here at FAB Systems we can supply many such solutions to help in this respect. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us now by calling 0800 066 5644 and we’ll be happy to discuss your query.